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The Media Society actively supports the development of young journalists as part of its charitable remit.  As part of this, it has committed to awarding three bursaries, together worth £3,00, to a new citizen journalism project initiated by the London Learning Consortium called 'London Voices'.

London Voices – a citizen journalist competition

The London Voices competition is for all aspiring citizen journalists across London.

The London Learning Consortium has partnered with The Media Society to support future journalists (or those that just want their voice to be heard) across a range of media, including print, audio, broadcast, video and online.

The aim is to support and promote emerging journalism and media talent across London, and generate some fresh, new and inspirational perspectives of our city. The competition is to help encourage new voices for London which reflect personal experiences of living and working in one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world.

Above all, this competition is about stimulating debate and challenging the ways Londoners view their city, through a variety of journalistic media.

There are three cash prizes for the best London “voices”, to spend on skills development in journalism or media.

● First prize: £2,000
● Second prize: £750
● Third prize: £250

Find Out More And Get Involved

The competition has four themes: 

1. Community Voices: a focus on local communities within London
2. When you’re young: what’s it like being young in London?
3. My city of the future: what the city could or should be like in the
4. Social media: the benefits/issues with society and democracy

Enter the competition

Entry to the competition is very straightforward:

1 .Download a Project Brief London Voices
2. Decide on which theme you would like to address
3. Inform the project that you are going to enter the competition by emailing londonvoices@londonlc.org.uk Please remember to include your name, contact details and which theme you are considering.
4.Work on your project and submit it by 22nd May 2017

A range of support is available, including workshops and mentoring.

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