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Covering Covid-19

The biggest story for 100 years. Has the media's coverage served us well? How seriously did they take it during the early weeks?

Were they fast enough with the facts? Did the right people speak truth to power? Were we given 'news we could use'?

Our expert panel of three people at the forefront of producing coverage of the Coronavirus talk about their experiences, and the challenges and opportunities of journalism and current affairs amid a once-in-a-century crisis.  

Each will give their unique perspective, have a discussion with our moderator and each other, and there will be time for audience participation in our tight one-hour session.

Chaired by:
James Ball

Having worked for the Guardian and Buzz Feed, James is now, Global Editor, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and a columnist for The New European. He has authored many books including "Post-Truth and Bluffocracy.
His next book, THE SYSTEM, is out May 2020.

The panel:
Louisa Compton 
The head of news, current affairs, and sport for Channel 4, who took up the role just as the Coronavirus hit. Previously, Louisa was the editor of Dispatches and the BBC's multiple award-winning Victoria Derbyshire show.

John Burn-Murdoch 
Senior data visualisation journalist at the Financial Times
, and the lead journalist behind what has surely become the most discussed daily set of charts of the Coronavirus crisis. John can talk about the painstaking work going into the charts, the debates they have provoked, and the work of data-driven journalism during Coronavirus.

Tom Phillips 
Editor of FullFact, the independent fact-checking charity. FullFact is on the front lines of tackling endemic Coronavirus misinformation, whether that's on miracle cures, the dangers of 5G, or dozens more lurid claims.

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