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Other than membership. our events are our only source of income as we don’t have sponsorship, so becoming a member would be a massive help and will provide a host of benefits now we are returning to physical meetings again.

We are volunteer run and while we have very small outgoings, membership income will provide us with the ability to book venues and physical events in advance of events income being received.

Becoming a member will give you a whole host of benefits.

So please join!

Membership rates:

Annual membership                           £45

3 and a half years                                 £135

5 and a half years                                 £200

Lifetime membership:                      £600

Remember if you join...

  • … you get preferential booking and a worthwhile discount on the ticket price to all our events. Plus access to all our collaborators like the Journalists’ Charity, RTS and the London Press Club. 

    Huge thanks in anticipation for all your help!

Annual membership: £45

Membership period runs for one year from the date of joining

3 and a half years: £135

Membership period runs for 3 1/2 years from the date of joining

5 and a half years: £200

Membership period runs for 5 1⁄2 years from the date of joining

Lifetime membership: £600

Student Membership: £10

Membership period runs for one year from the date of joining

 Why become a member?

Media thrives on 'the conversation', contacts and, of course, inside information.

At the Media Society, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to develop all three. Whether you're just starting out, at the top of your game, or just looking to keep in touch with developments in this fast-moving industry, our events, our members, our Council are the hat for those looking to get ahead.

Membership, they say, has its privileges and at the Media Society you'll be granted access to some of the major players, the latest thinking and the best-informed sources on all things media. And all in a convivial, welcoming environment united by a passion for news, views and comment.

No other media organisation comes close to offering such a diverse and compelling range of people and insights.

It doesn't matter whether you're a student aiming to become a headline act or a headline act looking to learn, there really is only one destination for the savvy media operator.

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