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Out Foxing the BBC:  The future of broadcasting in Britain.




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    ZOOM Event  starts at 6.00pm

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    A Media Society Online Event

For some time now, the government has been threatening to ‘whack’ the BBC and bring Channel Four to heel.  Stories and rumours abound: Charles Moore or George Osborne to run the BBC, Paul Dacre to head up Ofcom, Andrew Neil to lead a Fox News -style comment channel.

But does the BBC in fact need major reform?
Does it too often show a metropolitan liberal bias? Are the critics right?
Is Channel Four News too left-wing-wing?  
And in this multi-channel world should we still be required to pay a BBC licence fee?
Would it matter if we ended up with a string of Fox News type channels counter-balanced by the likes of MSNBC? Do the media in this country need a major shake-up or are we about to destroy public broadcasting in this country?  To find out what’s really going on join us for this online panel discussion with some of the key figures at the heart of the debate.

To find out what’s really going on join us for this online panel discussion with some of the key figures at the heart of the debate.

Join the ZOOM conversation. Starts 6.00pm Monday 2nd November

Our Chair for the evening

Anne McElvoy 
Senior Editor at The Economist and Head of Economist Radio. Anne  was previously Executive Editor at the Evening Standard. She writes a weekly column for the Standard and presents Across the Red Line on Radio 4 and Free Thinking on Radio 3.

Our expert Panel:

Greg Dyke
Greg was BBC Director-General 2000-2004 where he famously promised to ‘cut the crap’ and described the Corporation as ‘hideously white’.  Before that he was chairman and chief executive of Pearson TV. He is also a former chairman of the Football Association.


Patrick Barwise 
Co Author of the forthcoming book, 'The War Against the BBC’. Patrick is emeritus professor of management and marketing at London Business School.  He is an honorary fellow of the Marketing Society and a patron of the Market Research Society.


Philip Davies MP
A member of the DCMS Select committee, Philip Davies is a sharp critic of the BBC, calling it out of touch and too worried about political correctness: “they need to get out more”.  He wants the licence fee scrapped.


Frank Langfitt 
The London Correspondent of the US network National Public Radio. As someone with a foot in media on both sides of the Atlantic, he is well qualified to tell us what the introduction of US style media would mean for us in Britain

Please note: 
This is a free ZOOM Event. 
However,  we are asking for a £10 voluntary contribution to help cover our costs.
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ZOOM waiting room open at 5.45pm for 6.00pm start.
Conversation starts at 6.00pm

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