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A shot in the arm...

What UK media landscape do we deserve – after the worst is over?




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    ZOOM starts at 6.00pm

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    A Media Society Online Event

The Media Society’s first ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ event of 2021
‘UK media need urgent reform after lock down. Here’s what the experts say.’

We’re all learnt from the pandemic and the recession. 
What really matters and what doesn’t.
And we’ve all got ideas about how things should be in the future.
Meanwhile, the coming year is shaping up to be really important for developments in the media industry – with the PSB review, the planned launch of new TV News channels, the continuing growth of the streaming platforms, and moves in the UK, Europe and the United States to recalibrate the power of Big Tech.

So the TMS is asking three media commentators to tell us:

• what they’ve learnt from the past year
• what they want for the future UK media landscape
• and how do they see the big media issues playing out during the coming year.


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Our Panel




Please note: 
Entry tickets are  £10 each which helps cover our costs.
We will be making a number of free tickets available for students and anyone currently un-waged.

The Media Society is a volunteer run Charity committed to open access for all our Media themed  events.
ZOOM waiting room open at 5.45pm.
Conversation starts at 6.00pm prompt.

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