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The War in Ukraine  - the media battleground




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    The panel discussion starts at 6.30pm

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    Ukraine: A Special TMS Event on the Media Battleground
    An Online Event

For several days, one story has dominated every news outlet in the UK - the threat of invasion of a sovereign European nation, followed by the brutal event. 

24-hour radio and TV news, newspaper journalists filing stories on social media round the clock, and a vast range of social media platforms have brought an extraordinary immediacy to the unfolding events.

Extensive Russian disinformation – aimed at deceiving citizens within Russia plus the wider world - has been deployed by outlets controlled by Putin, but that's been countered by extensive ‘citizen’ social media coverage originating within Ukraine. 

Smart phones and live webcams, an array of brave journalists who've opted to remain in the country, and a media-savvy President have provided a dramatic counterbalance to Russian propaganda.
This war is generating an unprecedented media response, but is it all good? 

Are the social media giants moving swiftly enough to take down fake news? 
Should Russia’s English-language RT Channel be banned, and are the Russians able to silence the BBC's World Service and other tellers of truth?
What are the risks and problems facing  journalists who remain on the frontline?
And if politicians in the West were too slow with tough sanctions and too cautious with military equipment, should the media have shouted earlier and louder too? 
A high-profile panel of journalists, media executives and voices within Ukraine will debate all this and take your questions. The panel will be announced in the coming days, but you can book tickets for this online event now.


Our chair for the evening

Mark Mardell,
Mark is a former BBC News reporter and presenter. His roles included presenter of the World This Weekend, BBC North America Editor, BBC Europe Editor, and Political Editor of Newsnight.

Our panel

Nik Gowing
A foreign affairs specialist, journalist and presenter. Nik is a former BBC presenter, and before that was Diplomatic Editor for Channel 4 News.

Sarah Whitehead - Deputy Head of Newsgathering, Sky News

Sarah is Deputy Head of Newsgathering at Sky News. She has been closely involved with assigning and overseeing the current Sky News team in Ukraine.

Japser Jackson - Tech Editor, TBIJ
Jasper is an investigative journalist specialising in technology and media. He was previously the assistant media editor of the Guardian and digital editor of the New Statesman. He has spent more than a decade writing about and applying techniques in digital media and technology.


Entry tickets are  £10 each which helps cover our costs.
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