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The Role of Media in the Capitol Riot A TMS Special Event




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    ZOOM starts at 6.30pm

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    A Media Society Online Event

On January the 6th, the world saw a murderous mob invade The Capitol, the symbolic home of American democracy. Many saw it in real time, through the prescience and courage of TV cameramen and commentators who covered it live.

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It was the greatest shock to America since 9.11. That external attack, claimed buildings and lives, and showed US vulnerability. This new assault claimed America’s reputation.
How did it happen? And what role did media of all kinds play? – in creating that murderous mob with dangerous misinformation, or warning against it.

To discuss these questions, we have a live all-American panel of commentators and reporters:

Our Expert Panel
  • Ben Smith  - media editor of The New York Times
    Ben is the controversial media editor of The New York Times, formerly Editor-In-Chief of Buzzfeed, famously unafraid to attack comfortable cliches and undeserved reputations, Smith combines astonishing levels of insider knowledge – ‘killer facts’ – with provocative exposition

  • Sarah Baxter - ex Washington correspondent of The Sunday Times

    In 2005 Sarah became the Washington correspondent of The Sunday Times before returning to London in 2009 to become deputy editor of The Sunday Times up to last summer. Sarah has a UK/USA dual citizenship and has been reporting on the 2021 US Elections as well as writing the 'American Diary' for The Sunday Times.

Our chair for the evening:


  • Jonathan Freedland - Journalist, broadcaster and author.
    Our chair is Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian, journalist-author of thrillers amongst other books under his pseudonym of Sam Bourne – broadcaster and anchor of the BBC Radio 4 programme The Long View, about the historic precedents for current events.



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We will be making a number of free tickets available for students and anyone currently un-waged.

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